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Finally, POS means Point-of-Sale

Old point-of-sale systems all have something in common: they suck. With antiquated hardware, unstable software, and unnecessarily expensive support contracts, you spend too much time wrestling with your POS and not enough running your store. There’s a better way.

Share your POS horror story with us, and we’ll shout you a free month of Vend.

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How should we destroy our old cash register?

  • Throw it off a tall building
    (24%, 146 Votes)

  • Smash it with hammers
    (22%, 138 Votes)

  • Shoot it
    (21%, 133 Votes)

  • Blow it up with dynamite
    (19%, 116 Votes)

  • Bore it to death
    (14%, 87 Votes)

Total Voters: 619

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Vend & PayPal Australian Road Trip

On the road to visit Sydney Skydivers, Vaughan and Nick from Vend discuss important questions, like “is there anything more awesome than a Toyota Corolla?”, and “could I really pay for stuff with my mobile phone while skydiving?”

POS doesn’t have to be a piece of s**t

We started We Love Pos with a clunky old cash register called Steve, and we asked you to tell us how we should trash him. Smash him, shoot him, or drop him off a tall building. Then as the votes rolled in, we thought, “why not all of the above?”.

Find out below what happens to miserable old piece of sh*t POS systems who refuse to die.

Keep calm and sell stuff

A little poster we knocked up for our lovely Vend retailers. Please feel free to download, print, and put it on your wall. Then take a deep breath, and love your work.


Jenn & David take Quilted Thimble Cottage on the Road

“Vend – a wonderful combination of integration, inventory management, and portability.”

An important part of running/owning a quilt shop is to setup in various regional quilt shows as a vendor. Everything about a quilt show represents the quintessential trade show environment – from the quick setup and tear-down, to the small spaces, to the barrage of faces.

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Horror Story: Arush from I Love Brands

Click image to view full email

“Could this be the worst Biz Dev guy in the world?”

Just read the email attached. Could this be the worst Biz Dev guy in the world?

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Horror Story: Sheena McLaughlin from The Sheek Life

“I spend almost a grand on one of the “well known” POS systems only to be stressed out even more.”

I purchased QB point of sale only to find out that the important features I need for my business ( online and retail location) would cost me additional.

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Horror Story: Claire from Madame Fancy Pants

“When it came to stock take printing out from MYOB and then entering into EXCEL again…a real pain in the butt.”

I have a wee store in Wellington and also an online store.

I was using MYOB retail basics for the store which was OK at first, but my being a newbie to retail I didn’t think about it needing to retain all the stock information (wholesale price, SKUs etc..) Because it didn’t hold any of this info we essentially were double (even triple!) handling EVERYTHING, entering it into MYOB, then into EXCEL.

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Horror Story: Tammy from Weekly Flowers

“I spent $7000 buying a POS with all the bells and whistles and a tiny bit of hardware, support was optional.”

I thought maybe that I would forgo the support and figure it out myself and once a year I would pay the support to get the upgrades.

This is what really happened. The software was difficult, I came to understand a basic working knowledge, my staff were not helpful to getting us using it … it just was not intuitive, or user friendly! After 9 months the only thing we actively used it for was as a time clock! The worse thing is I ended up paying for the support most months because there were always bugs and other issues where it did not otherwise function!

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Horror Story: Lars from Surf Zandvoort

Interesting use of 'white space'..

“The business went almost bankrupt in 2010… the main reason was the chaos in the administration.”

In 2008 an old friend told me that he knew a good POS system. Everything could be viewed by internet and I could see directly the inventory status. I trusted him and signed a €7000 contract with all all kinds of stuff I never thought of having to pay, but never the less I trusted my friend.

Through the year the system became a total mess and I lost control. This because there were so many options and it took weeks to re organise it.

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Horror Story: Karen from Karrawa

“The words P.O.S were certainly used that Saturday morning when as I tried to void an item off a 15 line sale and the pos just ……… Froze.”

Then it kept bring the same sale up repeatly. No other sales could be entered for the day.

Thank god the old clunker cash register still sat waiting next the new pos only 5 days old.

Sunday the pos wouldnt even log in. It wouldn’t except any staff members password.

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Horror Story: Jason from Three Worlds

Where colour meets function, then has an argument.


“One store is easy to manage with a simple pos system, and i’m sure even easier with a good system. But then add on another store and you start to get into trouble.”

It’s the lots of little unconnected pieces that start to break down the flow of business. So you change a price, get a new item, get returns in one location from another location and on it goes. These are little things, but if they aren’t connected, then the trouble they cause becomes pretty large.

Then add another location and another and you are gone!

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Horror Story: Andrew from Sitka NZ

“Where do we even start? Our first experience with a POS system in NZ was a real eye opener.”

We inherited a POS software package from a different part of the world and it was so antiquated we needed to do any edits within the POS software we had to firstly wait until timezones allowed both parties to be at work at the same time, then we had to play phone tag until both parties were even in the office at the same time.

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Horror Story: Jon from Tea Lounge Ltd

Visual FoxPro. Anything but foxy.


“Never mind the huge initial costs, how about some Add-Ons!?”

When we purchased a point of sale system for our first retail store, we really didn’t know what we were doing. As we’d taken the local franchise for an Australian retail chain, we trusted their advice to go with the same system as them. They said it would make it easy to create all the same products, prices, and then re-order when stock became low.

What bad advice that turned out to be.

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