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Horror Story: Karen from Karrawa

Monday, September 5, 2011

“The words P.O.S were certainly used that Saturday morning when as I tried to void an item off a 15 line sale and the pos just ……… Froze.”

Then it kept bring the same sale up repeatly. No other sales could be entered for the day.

Thank god the old clunker cash register still sat waiting next the new pos only 5 days old.

Sunday the pos wouldnt even log in. It wouldn’t except any staff members password.

But after numerous emails and phone calls to the software company they wouldnt reply until we posted negative comments on there facebook page a week later.

Wow than a response it was all our fault as our system wasn’t compatible. Even though there staff advised us and install the printers and cash drawer.

Did I also tell u that they couldn’t get the cash drawer to open unless u had key to open it.

Many features they had and still have advertised on there website the software just isnt capable of There CEO doesn’t blame his system or false advertising of the product but myself as over 60 hours testing wasn’t enough for the system. They me many stores use there system have only had 2 customers contact them for support ever. I think cause there were only 2 stores using it… now only 1


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